Ziganda: It is a vital game – we need them all in

All games are similar, they have got details that prove to be decisive. It is always a struggle, you always need to fight, and Sunday will be like that as well, as the opposition will come here to fight, told us the boss ahead of Huesca clash against SD Ponferradina

"We need to get a positive result to reach the goal we've been talking about for so long. It's always a fight at the end of the season, and Sunday will be like that as well, as the opposition will come here to fight," Ziganda began saying. And that is precisely why the manager appeals to the strength of his side at home, together with the support of our crowd at El Alcoraz. “We need a full crowd, we’ll go through tough moments, so we’ll need them well behind our side to move on. We’ve performed very well at El Alcoraz this season, and it’s not just because of the players but also thanks to our fans”. “It's a vital game – we need them all in,” he pointed out.

When asked whether this is the most important game of the season, Ziganda replied: “If we get a result, it’ll definitely be.” “We need one more encounter to forget about the table. We’ve never been anxious about the table, so sometimes you don’t value that fact but you don’t enjoy it either.About the rival, he added: “they’re in desperate need of a win. We expect a side who have had good recent performances and scored many goals – it’s all or nothing for them.”

And ‘Cuco’ added: “The teams that were below in the table have caught up with the rest, being able to go upper and upper, while we haven’t been able to get the positive results we’d liked to. There are several factors and reasons for us not to make the grade, but that’s not an excuse for us – we must come up to scratch and get a result come what may.

Ziganda will have to see the clash from the boxes in the stadium, next to his assistant manager, as both of them are suspended, something that makes him feel “deeply sad”. He told us: “Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a quiet person. My words are usually respectful and calm. I wasn’t clever enough last game, complaining about the unavailabilty of balls in Leganes. The thing is that I was alreay fired up.