Skylight, the first international partner for SD Huesca

SD Huesca adds this regional partner with the aim of developing experience and entertainment for fans across Japan and in order to find more business opportunities in Asia.

This Japanese consulting firm will collaborate with the club, providing with a positive impact on people and society for the remainder of the campaign as well as the 2023/24 season, in which becomes the first international sponsorship agreement.

This relationship is expected last along time. Mr Manuel Torres, President of SD Huesca, told us: “We would like to thank Skylight for their trust in the SD Huesca project and we hope that this will be a long-lasting relationship. We are pleased to add this strategic partner for Asia.”

Skylight CEO Mr Toshiki Habutsu assured: “The link of SD Huesca with Japan has increased over the past few years and their commitment with the training of local players is clear. With this sponsorship agreement we'll support SD Huesca not only in Japan but also in Asia, offering them all our know-how in the Japanese market.”

On the one hand, the club aims this way to strengthen its presence in Asia and, more specifically, in Japan. On the other hand, Skylight – present in Japan, USA, Brazil, Kenya and Vietnam – will seek to gain a foothold in the Spanish market.

The CEO of the Huesca side, Jose Luis Ortas, added: “With Skylight we are strengthening our international strategy in Japan as well as in Asia as a whole. This new partner provides confirmation of how much the club is working on the strategic market Japan is.”

Also, Kento, our Japanese first-team player, appreciated the agreement achieved: “The club developing projects and alliances in Japan is really good news. I am sure that this will be of benefit to both Huesca and the Club.”