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Ziganda: “We have to pick up all three points”

“Our next chance is on Sunday and we’re hopeful to make it. We know we have our chances,” stated the manager

Ziganda’s men play home this weekend and expect to find victory again thanks to our crowd support. SD Huesca take on a well-known side by the coaching staff, but which has changed since the last game we faced them. Cuco defined them as follows: “They haven’t conceded much in very even clashes. Their new coach is showing them his hallmark and they feel comfortable.”

And he added: “None of us has scored many goals so far either, we’re both organised and defend well, we’ve got committed players who focus on details. Any mistake can change the sign of the match.”

When asked about his team’s dynamics, he admitted: “We haven’t got all the points we would have liked and we are struggling to win. Our next chance is on Sunday, so we are hopeful to make it. We know we have our chances.”

Besides, the Azulgranas have been putting together a run of results at home: “I’d like to see the team we’ve been in many other games, conceding little and attacking well. I want them all ready, playing for the team and being able to control the tempo,” he concluded.