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Ziganda: We must do better

Ziganda spoke ahead of his side's clash at El Alcoraz, calling for the unity and punch of his group, confident that the positive results are to come. He practiced some self-criticism, admitting the negative start to the season and that the team "must do better." He stressed the importance of this Saturday's encounter, but it's still not "all or nothing."

"We've just begun and still have a lot to go, but it's true that this start to the season has not been as good as we expected. It would be important to earn a victory, especially to win confidence. In the long term, this isn't a vital game, but with a victory we would change our vibes," told us the coach. Anyway, Ziganda believes that it is important to keep calm: "At this point, getting anxious isn't woth it, we need to improve and step forward to win games."

Regarding the importance of the fans this weekend, the boss knows that it is key "to be solid at home again." Our crowd is always there, and they expect that we give them something. When we suffer, they will support us and spur us. They were vital last season. They will give us the support they know we need."

Finally, he concluded with a message of hope: "It's true that we haven't won any games so far and that the vibe is not the best we've had, but there's a lot to go and we have the means to improve – And that's exactly what we have to show."