Ziganda: We’ll have to show our best form at La Rosaleda to get a result

We’ve got a growing list of injured players and we know the atmosphere will be electric, but we’ve been working during the week to put the best version of ourselves out, said the boss ahead of his side’s clash against Málaga CF

“I expect a great game, with an amazing atmosphere. They’re preparing every game as if it was a final, and their crowd always pushes them. They’ve given their all and done things right in the previous matches. This is how the Azulgranas see their encounter next Monday against Malaga, a crucial one for both sides of which Ziganda hopes to take out something positive, as he added: “This game can be key – if we win, we won’t have to look down in the table anymore but if we don’t, we’ll have to continue pushing hard, looking up and down. This is football and there’s room for every scenario. We all can make things right or wrong, so we’ll have to be prepared for any situation.”

Regarding the opposition, Ziganda told us: “Malaga are not meant to be in that situation, but the truth is they are, so they’re more nervous. You can see now their recent positive results, so they’re all rowing in the same direction. Besides that, they’ve got many quality players and a very talented squad, so they’ll keep fighting.” And he pursued: “I’d point out their quality together with their big squad, but this is football, so we can’t take anything for granted.”

When asked about whether this is a week to work more in depth on the mental plan, Ziganda explained: “We’ve struggled in our away outings, but it’s been in every sort of stadium. Taking into account our performances in the second part of the season, I believe that we can win and secure points in every stadium, putting in a good performance everywhere.” The boss is clear about “just thinking of the next match,” so he concluded: “We need to be ready, know our best version and how we feel comfortable and strong. We’re here because we’ve done some things right whereas we’ve lacked of others, so we have to boost and make the most of our strengths and give our all.”