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Ziganda: We’d like to leave our crowd with a good impression

Obviously, this is not the end of the season we would have wanted in terms of results, but we face these two encounters with motivation and trying to leave our crowd with a good impression, stated the boss

“I hope the team will be comfortable and can enjoy the game. We like winning and seeing good football. If you win and the players feel comfortable, then everyone enjoys. I believe this is a game to produce a performance, without the pressure of the points. We’ve struggled in our matches away from home, and this is our last chance to improve those statistics,” explained SD Huesca manager.

Ziganda admits that the last part of the season has not been positive and regrets that “the bad thing is the impression you’ve got at the end of the season, as it’s not good in terms of points and in terms of vibes, but there is always a bright side and positive aspects, which I do value as their manager.” Besides, he was self-critical, admitting that “some things can be improved.” “People come to the stadium to have fun and to see positive results. The latter haven’t been top; regarding our game, we’ve seen a little bit of everything, just like the category.”

Anyway, the team face these two clashes motivation and trying to finish as best as possible: “On the one hand, the end of the season has been really hard for Lugo. Their last games at Anxo Carro have resulted in five draws and one loss, so I expect an even match. On the other hand, Eibar will have to go all in. Both encounters will be unique and very different one from another.”

As for next season, the boss confesses that he is “excited and hopeful”. ”We’ll know more about the squad, we can see what we can improve and what we’d like to keep. We’ve enjoyed our everyday life, everything we’ve done together and that we’ve never given up. We’ll have to improve on our attacking performance, but I think we are stable and regular,” he concluded.