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Ziganda: “We can and we want to be better. We won’t give up”

‘Cuco’ praised his side’s ambition ahead of the clash against Villarreal B, a second team who are “producing very good performances this season” and against whom the Oscenses will try to put up a fight

The manager told us: “I’ve noticed a change of attitude from the first part of the season to now. The boys haven’t surrendered, but quite the opposite. It’s true that we struggle to get results, but we are in a good mood.” “We all know the experience of most second teams in Segunda division. They normally find it hard to adapt to the category, but Villarreal B have done it brilliantly. They seek to play good football, have an attractive style and can adapt to different scenarios, too. They know how to compete and are a very comprehensive team,” pursued the boss.

Also, Cuco pointed out that “they score goals easily at their stadium, and usually get results. They’re good up top, dynamic and don’t feel the pressure of the result.” “I’d particularly highlight their play on the ball and their good figures in attack.” Regarding the task that remains pending during this season, the results away from home, he explained: “Sometimes getting points depends on certain details, but I feel a different vibe from the first part of the season. We’re closer to the victory – however, we haven’t succeeded, that’s the truth. Our last clash was more than good, we controlled proceedings and outplayed the rival. It’s true that winning is the hardest part, but we are not stuck; we keep moving on”.

When asked about their objectives, Ziganda is honest: “Our clear objective is to reach 50 points as soon as possible, and we haven’t reached it yet. We must get those points. That’s why we can only think of the upcoming game and try and seal a victory,” he concluded.