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Cuco Ziganda: We think of nothing but securing points and going forward

"We face a side that deserve to be up top. We expect a tough game, where strategy and transitions will be key," told us Ziganda

This will be the second successive game at El Alcoraz, and SD Huesca are determined to give their all. Cuco Ziganda is aware of how hard our next opponent, Burgos CF, will be: "We'll face a very fine opponent, with a very defined style and who have been adding different nuances to their game based on the confidence they've won. Besides, they deserve their position in the table. They've evolved as a whole this season in many different aspectos, but always keeping their original idea. They've proved to be compact, rock solid and they rarely lose composure."
For this game, Ziganda confessed that he will find it difficult to have three players available: "Some players, like Joaquin or Andrei aren't fit. And Kento won't make it either." About the current situation of his side, Cuco explained: "All teams have a lot at stake. When a team are able to secure some successive wins, they leapfrog the others. Our first aim is to get 50 points. We can't lose focus because we know what football is like. We've got eight games to go and we have to give our all."
When asked about what he expects from the outing, he answered: "It'll be an even game, just as it was at El Plantio. Any detail may open it, though. Both sides try to make the most of out quality players, pressing hard together and play on and off the ball." 
Finally, the boss concluded: "We want to win, and that's precisely what we need to bear in mind. The defeat to Alaves hurt badly moreover because of how it happened. In other games we edged the rival even if we had conceded more. We must think of the work we've got ahead of us, so we need to work hard, do things well and pick up as many points as possible."