Antonio Hidalgo: "We need to be brave and we all have to push"

Character, push and courage. According to the new boss, these are the essential tools in order to turn the situation around. It requires that the players recover their spirit in the first place.

“Changing the squad’s spirit is the most important thing, as we’ve got little time to prepare our first match. We need to believe in ourselves,” stated the new Azulgranas’ coach after his official presentation at El Alcoraz. Hidalgo thanked the club for the confidence displayed in him, as well as for giving him an opportunity “he couldn’t refuse.” He is here ready to bounce back, something he has already done before, and has energy to transmit to his players.

“I don’t yet envisage anything in the long term, we must go slowly. Right now I’m focused on my players’ minds. We need them to believe in their potential and in what they have to do. We’ve got little time until Sunday, so we’ll try to make them comfortable, understand the clash and we’ll work from there to set our ideas,” he explained at the press conference room.

Therefore, he admitted that the psychological mental factor is key: “We’ll have to try go to their heads, make them step forward, compete more and feel the need and the emergency in this situation. This is not just about saying that there’s a long way to go – we must prove it on the field. Above all, I ask them to be brave.”

Also, he dedicated some words to the fans: “Now, more than ever, we need them to be with us, to push together with us. Our players need all their support and confidence. It’s clear that we have to give them, too, but I’m sure they’ll be well behind us.