Antonio Hidalgo: “I expect a connection with our fans and that we can enjoy together”

The boss makes his debut at El Alcoraz happy to start at home and give the first victory to the fans

Antonio Hidalgo faces the clash against Elche CF confident with his men, asking them to believe in themselves: “I wish we can deliver home victory to dedicate to our crowd. With them behind us it must be easier, and we would like to be more involved and grow into the game thanks to this. Anyway, it is clear that the most important thing is to compete and, of course, to win.

The rival will be an Elche side who were relegated last season: “They’re extremely powerful, we need to find their weakness and make the most of our strengths. They’re bold and create moments to outplay any team. Once he is familiar with the city and the club, Hidalgo feels confident with his side: “I demand a lot from them. It’s true that it’s not easy to change ideas and make everyone fit, it will take some time to put all these ideas into practice. Above all, because we are urged to win,he explained. Therefore, he asks from them to “believe that they’re powerful.” “The team compete well and are organised but we need to create more in attack – any player has to believe and feel that they are able to do so.”

Regarding his debut at El Alcoraz, he admits he is willing to get to know his “new home” and to connect with the fans. We have to give them before we receive from them. I wish we can all enjoy together.” “When you don’t win it’s always tough, but this is what we are going through now, so we must face this with nerve and composure, and I’m sure that our crowd know the key role they are to play.”