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An Aragon derby 6,500 km away

On the occasion of Saint George’s day – the Day of Aragon – LaLiga organised a football tournament with the Spanish community in the United Arab Emirates

April 23rd is a very important date for the Aragonese, as we celebrate Saint George’s day. In fact, this year the Day of Aragon was also celebrated 6,500 km away from our region – in Dubai, and in a very special way: by playing an Aragon derby. SD Huesca and Real Zaragoza met again, just seven days after their last clash at El Alcoraz. This time, Pulido, Ferreiro, Zapater or Cristian Álvarez weren’t there, though, but the teams comprised members of the Spanish community in the United Arab Emirates.

With the aim of supporting the growth of Spanish football, LaLiga promoted this game. The players of both sides wore the official shirts of either team. It was a tournament made up of eight men squads and two women clubs, which comprised Spaniards living in the Arab country. The Azulgrana players received messages of support by Pedro Mosquera, while the Blanquillos welcomed Alberto Zapater’s.

This action was included in the activation and internationalization plans carried out by LaLiga clubs after they joined LaLiga Impulso plan. This way, LaLiga develops its brand image and clubs are renowned all around the globe. Indeed, in the last two years more than 1,200 actions like this have been conducted in more than 90 countries. This time it has been Aragonese football’s turn.