The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of SD Huesca, in which all points on the agenda have been adopted, has been held in Huesca Chamber of Commerce

The 2021 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of SD Huesca was held on November 25th, 2021, in the assembly room of Huesca Chamber of Commerce. It unanimously adopted the annual accounts of the season 2020-2021 and the revenue and expenditure budget for this one, 2021-2022. The total percentage representation was 85.5% of total share capital.

The initial budget for the current season, which adds up to €18 million, was presented in this Annual General Meeting, after it had been adopted by the Board of Directors and presented to LaLiga back in summer, in compliance with the requirements of the regulations on economic control. The revenue and expenditure budget for last season was also assessed. Expenditure amounted to €59.7 million and revenue totalled €57.1 million. Therefore, the 2020-2021 annual results showed a loss of €2.6 million. These figures are undoubtedly conditioned by the public health crisis associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. On the one hand, the end of the previous season (2019-2020) was put off to the month of July, which made us bring some expenditure from that season to this one. On the other hand, fans were banned from attending games. And on top of that, the club had to face additional expenses to comply with the COVID-19 protocol set forth by LaLiga. Without such constraints, the season would have ended with a real surplus of €5.5 million.

It was further reported that the club is currently up to date with its payments. SD Huesca also satisfy the requirements and indicators laid down in LaLiga Regulations on Economic Control.


Another important point on the agenda was the election of SD Huesca new Board of Directors, which has been reduced to 8: on the one hand, Mr Manuel Torres, as a managing director and Chairman of the Management Board and on the other hand, Mr Pedro Ibaibarriaga, Mr Sergio Gracia, Mr Agustín Pueyo, Mr José Abarca, Mr Carmelo Bosque, Mr Alberto Larraz and Mr Fernando Callizo as directors.

Mr José Antonio Martín Otín will no longer take part in the Board of Directors and he explained the reasons why he has made the decision: “At the end of the season I quit professional football. We’ve been working together for 15 years. I will continue to be linked to the club by means of the Chair of the Fundación Alcoraz. We have important projects under way.”