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More than three points

Obeng’s stoppage-time goal seals the victory for SD Huesca in direct clash against AD Alcorcon (1-0)

The massive SD Huesca huddle to celebrate Samuel Obeng’s goal in the 93rd is the best example of what the goal meant for the team. It was significant not only because of the timing but also because AD Alcorcon is a direct rival, as well as the fact that it allowed the team to escape from the relegation zone. For all these reasons, the last-gasp victory achieved by the Azulgranas means more than just three points for the morale of the dressing room and for El Alcoraz, which ended up fully embracing the triumph.

Actually, you could feel the value of everything at stake this afternoon before the encounter, and Antonio Hidalgo decided to give Elady a chance, making him start in his second game with the team. This time the start was very even between both sides, with Alcorcon trying to suffocate Huesca with high pressure, but as the minutes went by, Hidalgo’s team were able to find spaces. The first warning came from Joaquin, who sent the ball over the crossbar from outside the box after a rebound. Alcorcon’s reaction came almost immediately with a powerful shot from Javi Perez, forcing Alvaro to make the first save of the afternoon. In fact, the goalkeeper would be decisive again at the half-hour mark, when he stopped a shot close to the near post that threatened to go in. In the other goal, Vilarrasa came closest to scoring, with a free-kick almost on the by-line, very similar to the one that led to Huesca’s goal in the previous match, but he narrowly missed the target this time.

The second half began with the initial score, but this time Huesca were more willing to take the initiative, approaching the Alcorcon goal with danger. A free-kick delivered by Sielva, almost connected by Loureiro, was the clearest chance in the early stages of the second half before Hidalgo made substitutions. Nieto and Lombardo were the first two changes, replacing Jeremy and Hugo Vallejo. Then Elady created the better opportunity up to that point, anticipating the defence to head a ball from the left, but the goalkeeper made a good save. Kortajarena and Obeng were the next to enter the field, with 20 minutes left, and later, in the final ten minutes, the academy player Rafa Tresaco. The pace increased in the closing stages as both teams wanted more. El Alcoraz erupted when Kortajarena seemed to push the ball in, but miraculously, the Alcorcon goalkeeper saved it, reacting with a counter-attack that Alvaro stopped.

And so, after the scoreboard was raised in a match that seemed fated for a share of the spoils, Obeng emerged as the saviour. Gerard Valentin delivered the cross, Kortajarena made a crucial touch, and Obeng, with his side, sent it into the net. With no time left for anything else, El Alcoraz erupted to bid farewell to their team with the chant of 'Sí se puede' (Yes, we can). Because now, no one doubts that it is possible indeed.

Match summary
SD Huesca
SD Huesca
El Alcoraz
AD Alcorcón
AD Alcorcón
A. Fernández photo
01A. Fernández
L. Anacker photo
13L. Anacker
M. Loureiro photo
05M. Loureiro
Castro photo
J. Pulido photo
14J. Pulido
O. Rivas photo
04O. Rivas
Blasco photo
Quintillà photo
I. Vilarrasa photo
20I. Vilarrasa
Iago López photo
20Iago López
Gerard V. photo
07Gerard V.
Javi Pérez photo
16Javi Pérez
Javi M. C. photo
08Javi M. C.72
Víctor G. photo
17Víctor G.
Hugo Vallejo photo
09Hugo Vallejo62
Yan Eteki photo
18Yan Eteki
Sielva photo
E. Addai photo
26E. Addai80
Joaquín photo
Dyego Sousa photo
11Dyego Sousa67
Javi Lara photo
15Javi Lara67
Antonio Hidalgo
Mehdi Nafti
Juan Perez photo
13Juan Perez
Jesús Ruiz photo
01Jesús Ruiz
02C. Gutierrez
Morillas photo
Iván Martos photo
03Iván Martos
J.c. Babin photo
06J.c. Babin
Juanjo Nieto photo
12Juanjo Nieto62
Chema R. photo
23Chema R.
Javi Mier photo
06Javi Mier
È. Callís photo
29È. Callís
Kento photo
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05P. Mosquera
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10Juanma B.80
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26Alex Balboa
Iker Bilbao photo
24Iker Bilbao
Lombardo photo
Chiki photo
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Obi photo
Obeng photo
Artola photo
Marciano photo
(1 - 0)
Match officials
Germán Cid Camacho
Rubén Becerril Gómez
Sergi López Freixa
Pol Gòdia Solé
Fourth official
Aitor Gorostegui Fernández Ortega
Video Assistant Referee
Álvaro Yeray Carreño Cabrera
Assistant VAR Official