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Hidalgo: “We need to touch our players’ hearts”

The coach speaks before traveling to Elche, about “being all together, resetting minds and filling them with passion and pride”

Four matches and much more than twelve points at stake. In this final part with the clear objective of avoiding relegation, Hidalgo believes that it is time to “touch the players’ hearts.” As the mental factor takes centre stage, the coach is clear that “it’s time to be all together, to push together and to feel together. Resetting minds and filling them with passion and pride.” Bearing this in mind, the team travel to Elche with the aim of securing three points at Martinez Valero, aware of the difficulty posed by the opponent but with confidence. ”We have to know how to abstract ourselves from the situation and analyse it calmly, be willing to suffer and compete at the highest level.”. 

Also, Hidalgo told us that Elche is a team “that control many aspects and hurt the rival. We have to be sold again and look for moments to hurt the opponent. Every match and opponent has a different nuance and we have to find solutions and strategies. We’ve competed against all teams and it will be the same on Sunday.” At a time when all sides “have a lot at stake,” he guarantees that he sees his players are confident. “Mental work is very important. When you lose, it’s clear that you rethink everything, but I’m determined and enthusiasticwe have to be positive, proud, passionate and furious.”

Hidalgo confesses that the situation “has become complicated,” but he also knows that it will not lead them “anywhere.” That is why he emphasises that he only thinks about leaving the Martinez Valero stadium with a victory. "We play last and have the chance to watch what the rivals do, but I am convinced that we’ll be able to manage the emotions of these last four matchdays.