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Antonio Hidalgo: “There’s still a long way to go”

The coach talked to the press before traveling to Tenerife with a very clear message: “We have to demand the maximum from ourselves, we can’t afford anything else”

Hidalgo’s team travel to Tenerife with a message that has deeply resonated in the dressing room: “Compete to the maximum, push the limit every day, and never lose the sense of urgency.” The Azulgranas’ coach is clear that, although the situation is better than a few months ago, there is still a long way to go. We must maintain the sense of urgency to keep competing the same and earn points every week.”

Their next challenge will be at the Heliodoro Rodriguez stadium, a venue the coach is familiar with. It’s a stadium that will press hard, and we’ll have to read the moments well and compete to the fullest,” he added. “Tenerife is a very well-prepared team with quality players that demand a lot. It’s a spectacular stadium that will be well behind their side” Hidalgo said.

The Oscenses, however, arrive with the confidence that recent results bring, but with the understanding that “the competition doesn't allow you to relax.” We still don’t have enough points for that; we have to push the limit every day, know how to suffer, and that's what we’ve worked for in the dressing room. We have to keep increasing the distance, not stop, and continue in this direction,” stated the coach.

At this stage of the competition, all teams have something at stake. “At this point, all teams feel the need, and that sense of necessity keeps you alert and performing at a high level.” he assured.

Regarding his team, he values having a committed and hardworking squad. They’re all committed and ready, and that’s very important. I know it’s difficult to understand that even if you don’t play, the coach trusts you, but I see that there are people who give their all, who are committed, and they support each other, which makes the team grow.”